Kaddy Tsang Photography


I am a New York City based freelance photographer, specializing in sports and event photography. I am available to any project needed, home or location, private or corporate events. I enjoy photographing people of all ages and types, and particularly young children and youth sports. My experiences including shooting with Asphalt Green, West Side Soccer League and Manhattan Classic Gymnastic Meet, photographing the team members and the team portraits, as well as capture the action shots during the games. I am also working with Ultimate Athlete Magazine, the job consists of shooting Public Schools Athletic League and New York City high schools sporting events within the five boroughs for their editorial and website use. My other experiences including shooting various Marathon race events in the city.

When I am not working on my assignments, I enjoy taking photos of street events, candid and posed shots of passers-by and people I know, as well as wildlife and nature photos. I spend a considerable time at the oceanfront, where I enjoy capturing natural light and patterns on the sand, as well as action shots of waves, surfers and waterfowl. I also love winter snow in the pine woods is among my favorite things in the world. I enjoy the peace of Nordic skiing in woodland trails and skiing up peaks of the Catskills, Adirondacks, and the Green Mountains of Vermont to see breathtaking views. I find this winter sport is pretty challenging and fun. If the snow conditions are right, I'll head to the mountains every single weekend of the winter.

Traveling has been one of my top priorities for a very long time. I make a concerted effort to travel as much as I can. Traveling expands my appreciation for other people and cultures. The memories and the photos that I have, I will cherish forever.